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New Tradition Jewelry is a brand & gallery located in beautiful & historic Bethlehem of Galilee.
We are 2 generations, mother & daughter, passionately creating rare jewellery with a story to tell that goes beyond the eye can see.

Ayellet, with over 40 years of experience and recognized accomplishments as an independent designer specialising in silversmith, goldsmith & fine jewelry;

Amit contributes her creative vision with her yogistic influence, cinematographic background, and her passion for telling stories that reach out to touch and connect. 

Our jewelry express a fusion of worlds, perceptions & elements.

We draw much of our inspiration from Mother Nature (surrounding our studio), various mysterious ancient cultures, as well as from our complex present time and the unknown future as we imagine it.

All of our creations are lovingly thought & hand-crafted at our cosy workshop, and are composed exclusively high quality, rare and carefully selected materials.


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