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    "For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven"

    Wear the beauty of life itself. Seasons necklace was actually inspired by Hindu belief of the corse of time to be circular, moving in a rhythm, for always & always…

    It is composed of hand crafted sterling silver & gold plated silver leaves, various beautiful natural stone beads (tourmaline, amethyst, jade, aventurine & aqua-marine), an olive cord and is signed by a silversmithed silver lotus bud closing.


    2,500.00 ₪Price
    • 7 hand crafted sterling silver leaves / a single gold plated (3 microns) sterling silver leaf / silversmithed silver lotus-bud closing / high quality polyester olive cord / stones : tourmaline, amethyst, jade, aventurine & aqua-marine

    • 45 cm